Hookgrip Lyftingaólar


Ath: Fyrir ólympískar lyftingar fyrst og fremst

Very heavy duty heavyweight nylon lifting straps. The total material length is 23″ (although the straps themselves are 11.5″, making for an easier release on snatch misses) long x 1″ wide. The strap ends are sewn closed in a “Box X” pattern (see photo) using a high-end machine designed for commercial application — they will not come apart for a very very long time, if ever. These straps will last a very long time.

Each pair has one right strap and one left strap, determined by how the ends overlap. The leather label also is oriented so you’ll be able to read it when wearing the strap correctly.

As always, before you use straps on heavy snatch attempts, teach yourself how to fail and properly release the straps. These straps are much easier to release than most but it is still possible to get caught in them if you are not familiar with releasing them. In general, straps are not recommending when cleaning except by the most experienced lifters and even then, they can hurt themselves.

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