Hookgrip 9mm hnéhlífar


HG logo knee sleeves made in black with a black interior. These do not have a sublimated logo interior (like our 7mm 3.0 sleeves) but they do have the logo printed on both the inside and outside of the sleeve. On the backside of the sleeves, we have made a concave cut at the top and bottom (see photos of the back) to help reduce excess fabric behind the knee when in a squat position.

  • Made with ultra high-quality 9mm 100% CR neoprene.
  • This is an even higher grade neoprene than our normal high-quality SCR that we use on our other sleeves.
  • 100% CR means 100% rubber neoprene foam as opposed to SCR which is a blend between rubber and synthetic rubber.

Provides each knee with support, warmth, and compression while weightlifting.

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Hookgrip 9mm hnéhlífar
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